Customer Success Stories Successful ERP Implementation - Curran (IDC Spotlight)
IDC Spotlight: Curran Turns to Acumatica Cloud ERP to Scale Its Business and Support Growth
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Curran
Seattle, WA
Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution
Apps Replaced


  • Acquired a complete ERP solution supporting Curran’s high-touch, high-value customer relationships
  • Increased output (sales, processed orders) without having to hire more staff
  • Gained sales order automation functionality that improved purchase order accuracy and saved time
  • Obtained a unified platform giving employees access to the most up-to-date data
  • Implemented a future-proof ERP platform with open connectivity for Curran’s proprietary website and marketing platform
  • Improved product costing and pricing with Acumatica’s rules-based product configurator for endless combinations of rug options
  • Enhanced visibility into material usage for better planning and costing
  • Accessed mobility and other advanced features supporting a global team and international sales
Loni Dockter
"Acumatica is by far one of the best decisions we have made. It positions us perfectly for growth with everything we need today and for the future."
Loni Dockter, Head of Accounting and Operations
ERP Solution


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In 2018, Curran, a luxury outdoor furniture and flooring online retailer headquartered in Seattle, identified the need to embrace a digital-first strategy. Up to that point, the company had relied on a mix of legacy and paper-based processes to run its business. Those legacy systems were unstable and not set up well, impacting the efficiency of employees. Curran lacked visibility into data and was unable to do basic reporting; getting information about customers, products, sales, margins, and so forth was impossible. Inventory management was also poor, and Curran needed multicurrency functionality to expand further into Europe. Facing all these issues, Curran started the process of finding a solution to begin its digital transformation journey.

Instead of continuing to invest in antiquated on-premises systems, smart digital-first businesses have turned their focus to SaaS and cloud-enabled software because they need flexible and agile ERP applications that are relatively easy to implement, configure, and update. Demand for cloud-based ERP applications continues to grow because they allow users to access and analyze massive amounts of data in near real time— anywhere, anytime. Because SaaS and cloud-based ERP systems are extremely adaptive to accelerated rates of change, they enable growing businesses to quickly expand into new regions around the globe without making major investments into their technology infrastructure.

ERP Solution

ERP Solution

While most manufacturers realize the importance of becoming digital and more data driven, many still lack the expertise to build out a roadmap and execute on it. Manufacturers have been combating a growing talent gap across their organizations for years. Many organizations lack the necessary resources and knowledge around data architecture, data science, and cybersecurity to take advantage of the latest technology. Working with partners that can help with developing and executing the digital roadmap is an important step that the industry has started to embrace.

To ensure the success of its project, Curran worked with a consulting group that advised the company throughout the process, from building the RFP to summarizing workflows. Curran aimed to consolidate multiple legacy systems that ran its operations into a single ERP platform, Acumatica ERP Manufacturing Edition. ERP implementation can be a complex task, but the partner was described as critical throughout the project.

Curran also hired a new employee whose role was to lead and manage the ERP project internally. Curran spent roughly six months on implementation, with the go-live taking place during the third month of the pandemic (meaning employees had to work from home for the last stretch of implementation). Curran estimates that it has invested $300,000 in the project over the past three years.



Digitization has long been the backbone of operational effectiveness for manufacturers. Throughout the project, Curran identified key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success. Most of the metrics are around time saving and employee productivity, which are critical for a small but growing company such as Curran. In addition, Curran has been able to increase its sales without increasing its sales staff, with company revenue rising from $3 million in 2018 to $10 million in 2021.

Additional areas in which Curran has experienced benefits are as follows:

» Purchase order accuracy has increased. Employees used to enter information into the system manually; now purchase orders are generated directly from sales orders.

» Employees always have access to the most up-to-date data.

» Manual data entry has been eliminated, saving time and increasing data accuracy.

Most importantly, Curran views this as just a starting point. The company has built its digital platform for transformation and plans to keep adding more and more to maximize its efforts.

Curran feels its ability to maximize the value of data will open up new business avenues for the company as it starts to utilize years of historical data. There is also excitement around building an ecommerce platform (low-volume, high-touch/high-value sales) that will provide Curran with high visibility into all orders and customer experiences. Curran is in the planning stages with an ecommerce partner of Acumatica’s to build the platform. Also, while Curran does not operate its own warehouse yet, the company is looking into adding warehouse management capabilities over the next five years.

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