Integrated Marketing

Acumatica delivers an  integrated marketing solution, tightly connected with financials and content management, to improve collaboration between sales, marketing, and support, while ensuring maximum ROI for each marketing dollar spent.

How Integrated Marketing can work for you

Manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaign performance, communicate with contacts, and improve productivity. Capture leads from web forms, purchased lists, advertisements, direct mail, events, and other sources.

Key Benefits of Integrated Marketing for your Company

  • Integrated Document Management

    Maintain a central repository of customer collateral, email templates, price lists, contract templates, pictures, videos, and other documents through the integrated document management solution. Maintain a document history and enforce access permissions for each document.

  • HubSpot Integration

    Integrate HubSpot, the preferred Marketing Automation system for midmarket companies, to Acumatica CRM. Sync information between systems to automate processes such as nurture marketing.

  • Lead and List Management

    Assign leads to sales or partners according to customized criteria and data. Automatically generate dynamic lists based on user-defined criteria, like purchase history, to support custom campaigns. Import and classify leads from Excel spreadsheets.

  • Email Management

    Use pre-defined brand consistent templates to ensure consistent branding and messaging in newsletters, email campaigns, and direct communications. Create emails with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail for contacts, employees, and leads with predefined templates and send features for automatic distribution. Send newsletters, promotions, and other communication to specific lists. Track and measure email marketing effectiveness with native SendGrid integration.

Important Features of Integrated Marketing

Lifecycle Management

Track clients through prospecting, closing, and up-selling on a single, integrated system. Maintain a complete history of communication and offers to eliminate confusion and improve conversion rates.

Integrated Financial Application

Integrate marketing activities with billing and financial data to determine campaign response and profitability. Associate various documents — such as sales orders, invoices, bills, and purchase orders — with campaigns to track actual costs and actual revenue. Support multiple base currencies in one tenant.

Integrated Marketing

Manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaigns, communicate with contacts, and more. Capture leads from web forms, lists, and events. Send branded emails. Track the best channels for qualified leads. Create customized landing pages to capture leads from your website, online advertising, direct mail, or other sources.

Campaign Target Lists

Create campaign target lists by manually adding contacts or leads to lists or uploading records from files. Dynamic lists can be automated by defining criteria such as geography or product interest for automated inclusion of records in marketing lists.

Campaign Management

Track campaign costs and revenues by selecting specific lists or criteria from your inventory of prospects, leads, contacts, and customers.

Integrated Document Management

Attach any digital document to leads, opportunities, and accounts. Once files have been attached to one document, the file can be linked to additional documents without uploading it again. Manage a central repository of collateral, email templates, price lists, contract templates, pictures, videos, and documents.

Partnership Marketing

Assign leads to a “parent account” within your organization or to an external partner. Email leads to a partner or allow partners to view information inside Acumatica.

Approval and Workflows

Establish automated notifications across departments based on business activities Prevent delays by tracking activities, delegating, and reassigning tasks and sending automated alerts. Streamline approvals by automatically rerouting unanswered approval requests to a different approver.

Email Templates

Ensure consistency with branding guidelines. Create emails for contacts, employees, and leads with predefined, brand-consistent templates and send features for automatic distribution. Automatically track email responses.

Dashboards and Reporting

Customize announcements and default dashboards for salespersons and sales managers to match their individual needs. Dashboards and favorites link salespeople to real-time information delivered in tabular or graphical form. Get robust out-of-the-box summary reports on the full opportunity pipeline that report on multiple criteria, such as stage, estimated close, salesperson, and ID.

Segmentation Tools

Collect information for different lead types and custom-defined attributes to effectively target market segments. Create and maintain marketing lists by applying specific criteria to existing contact lists or combining groups of lists.

Opportunity Stages

The system offers a predefined list of opportunity stages that can be applied to every type of opportunity, including Prospect, Nurture, Qualification, Development, Solution, Proof, Negotiation, and Won. Custom stages can also be created and applied.

Data Integrity

Configure rules to check for duplicate contacts and leads with warnings prior to creating new records.

Email Administration

Simplify the administration of Microsoft Outlook or Gmail email accounts and enhance security by managing personal email accounts in Acumatica.

See what Acumatica customers are saying

"Acumatica’s unlimited pricing structure was a big factor. With NetSuite, we knew we would be dealing with Oracle (NetSuite’s new parent) and felt its pricing would be going up, knowing how large companies operate."
Brett Davis, Operations Manager
Bob Davis Sales
"Would I recommend Acumatica to anybody? Absolutely not in our industry. I wouldn't want anybody to have a competitive advantage over what we do."
Charles Snyder, IT Director
ProPharma Distribution

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