IT Lead
IT Lead

Simplify the Business Side of Information Technology

IT leads in today’s enterprise face sprawling application footprints, evolving threat landscapes, and increasingly constrained resources. Acumatica Cloud ERP helps streamline IT management, so you can do more with less and still keep your organization on the cutting edge.

Software that streamlines IT management functions

CIO, CTO, VP of IT, IT Director

IT leaders oversee the company’s information technology operations. In today’s business environment, that means they have a lot on their plate, from maintaining the organization’s technical equipment, to keeping abreast of all the latest technology tools and trends, to forecasting budget and staffing demands. Maintaining various software licenses and user counts for the software that runs the company is not a good use of their time. Acumatica helps IT leaders streamline operations and focus resources on value-added work.

Key KPIs for IT Leaders to Monitor

  • On-time and on-budget projects (including implementing Acumatica)
  • System Uptime % (SaaS)
  • % of Applicable Solutions Available Through Mobile Tools
  • IT Spend, as % of revenue
  • IT Staff Productivity (# hrs., $ of IT spend)
  • 100% Cyber Security
  • IT Support Ticket Performance

Acumatica Key Benefits For IT Leaders

Leverage the cloud to optimize IT spend and uptime
  • Leverage Acumatica’s deployment flexibility to build and evolve a cloud strategy that works for you, whether you run it in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.
Get more out of your ERP system with less IT support
  • Eliminate common pain points associated with disparate business systems, such as: poor analytics, unsupported and proprietary technology, and poorly integrated hardware and software components.
  • Acumatica is built for the cloud, including the ability to deploy any and all functionality to mobile applications and responsive webpages.
Customize your system to respond to unique requirements
  • Use visual workflows to tailor Acumatica to your company’s differentiated business processes.
  • Easily customize Acumatica using standard development tools, such as Microsoft .NET and C#.
  • Integrate with other software products through Acumatica’s web services and REST/SOAP APIs.
Increase business intelligence and analytics capabilities
  • Give everyone in your organization access to the data and tools they need to develop deep insight and stay on top of KPIs through integration with Microsoft’s Power BI.
Maintain user security and data security
  • Multiple levels of security are built into our standard product offering.
  • Using the SaaS deployment option automatically provides data backup and recovery through AWS.

Why Acumatica?

Acumatica is the fastest growing Cloud ERP company for 6 years and counting because we put our customers’ needs first:

Real-time insights
Future-proof platform
Customer-friendly licensing
Real-time insights

The information you need, anytime, anywhere, on any device

Acumatica’s Cloud ERP helps improve day-to-day operations with 24/7 access to business tools and functions. Manage your business, review all customer interactions, and obtain proactive business reports and insights from any web-enabled device.

Real-time insights
Future-proof platform

Single data model, flexible deployments, streamlined integrations

Shared data and cross-team workflows make collaboration seamless, and AI-powered automation drives efficiency. Acumatica is ranked highest in customer experience and product usability, and our platform integrates easily with the tools you already use.

Future-proof platform
Customer-friendly licensing

Only pay for the functionality you need and the data you use

Acumatica offers flexible licensing plans and transparent pricing, and we do not charge extra to add additional users. In addition, as your business needs scale up or down based on market changes or seasonal requirements, Acumatica scales with you, ensuring you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Acumatica Pricing  - Tailored to Your Needs - Cloud ERP Pricing

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