Recurring Revenue Management

Easily handle recurring billing and maximize revenue opportunities through improved cash flow, billing accuracy, and superior customer service.

How Recurring Revenue Management Solution can work for you

Recurring revenue is revenue a company expects to receive on a consistent, predictable basis. Examples of recurring revenue include long-term contracts, service retainers, and auto-renewing subscriptions. To effectively manage recurring revenue, you need real-time visibility, easily configured contracts, and the ability to efficiently apply—and modify—your billing.

With Acumatica’s automated recurring billing, you can custom-fit your billing models to meet the requirements of your business. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt as your business grows and your billing needs change while improving your cash flow, billing accuracy, and customer service.

Key Benefits of Recurring Revenue Management for your Company

  • Automate the billing process

    Automate recurring billing, payments, and collections to significantly improve business performance.

  • Offer billing flexibility

    Apply billing and revenue recognition schedules by month, quarter, or yearly as well as customized time-periods, even mixed on the same contract.

  • Fuel business growth

    Appeal to a broader customer base with pricing and subscription plans that align to a variety of business requirements.

Important Features of Recurring Revenue Management

Manage Complexity

Flexible pricing models accommodate software licenses, subscriptions, maintenance agreements, bundled items, SaaS, and complex discount arrangements.


Drive contract renewal revenue by automatically scheduling and managing renewal activities. Proactively plan renewal activities with automated views of completed renewals, renewals due, and past due renewals.

Change Billing Contracts

Modify, rewrite, and cancel billing contracts and revenue recognition schedules already in progress.

Utilize Templates

Set up revenue billing rules for different products and services including automated billing, revenue recognition and allocation.

Accurate Billing

Rules and templates ensure accurate billing and improved revenue flow, customer service and satisfaction.

Automatic Revenue Recognition

Generate and consolidate revenue and revenue recognition schedules automatically. Book revenue in the correct accounting period and according to the proper rules set by your accounting procedures. The system also enables easy revenue recognition based on percentage complete by project or contract.

Built-in Visibility

View and explore recurring billing data with self-service access to more than 25 standard reports. Customized reports are easy to configure.

Smart Credit Card Processing

Automate payment processing with a system that understands the complexities of credit card rules and gateway services. Use tokenized payment processing to reduce risk exposure and simplify PCI compliance validation.

Integration with the Full Acumatica Suite

Eliminate the need to enter data in multiple places. Easily convert prospects to customers or subscribers.

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"With Acumatica being cloud-based, it enables us to work anywhere, anytime and this is the direction that everything is headed."
Ying-Jian Chan, Chief Financial Officer
The Learning Lab
"It’s great and very comforting to hear from your IT team that the solution you selected is flexible, easy to adapt and program."
Sylvain Boucher, CEO, President and Director

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