Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC)

Automate shop floor data entry for material and labor transactions.

Automate and Streamline Data Collection with Barcodes, Scanners, and Mobile Devices

Print barcoded reports and labels to scan material movement from raw material inventory into production, through downstream manufacturing operations, and into finished goods inventory when production is complete. Clock-in and clock-out of jobs to capture labor transactions to update work in process (WIP).

Christa Peterson
Christa Peterson, Director of Accounting & Finance
Specified Technologies Incorporated

Key Benefits of Manufacturing Data Collection

  • Real-Time Inventory

    Automated data collection updates inventory in real-time eliminating confusion regarding what’s on hand or how many are available.

  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors

    Barcode scanning eliminates after-the-fact data entry for material movement as well as labor transactions.

  • Versatile and Device Agnostic

    Manufacturing Data Collection is compatible with iPhone/IOS, Android, and other mobile, internet-compatible barcode scanners.

Important Features of Manufacturing Data Collection Software

Material Movement

Scan production tickets to move materials to production orders, downstream production operations, and into finished goods inventory when production is completed. Default material requirements from the production order and bill of material can be used to expedite transaction entry.

Clock-In / Clock-Out

Clock-in to start production order operations and clock-out to report production quantities and automatically capture time for labor transactions.

Supervisor Review

Scanned transactions can optionally be reviewed by supervisors facilitating data correction before posting to the database.

Mobile Compatibility

Access Manufacturing Data Collection on individual iPhone/iOS or Android devices or use shared terminals connected to barcode scanners compatible with internet applications.

Default Settings

Set defaults for automated data capture transactions, such as setting the default order type for automated scans; using the required quantity of materials as defined in the production ticket bill of materials for move transactions; mandatory location selection for material transactions; confirmation by line; use default warehouse; use default auto-generated lot or serial numbers; use default expiration date; and more.

Optional User-Defined Labels

Use Manufacturing Data Collection with connected label software to create 2D or 3D labels in multiple sizes and orientations containing part numbers, lot and serial details, expiration dates, and more.

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